Monday, May 15, 2006

Survey report on Winter Olympic games.

Purpose of the Survey
This survey presents what people think of the winter Olympic games. The purpose of this study is to know which sport and which athlete the people like or not. I want to know, in general, the position of any person when the winter Olympic games play.

We have asked ten questions. These questions, yes/no or informative questions were answered by twenty-one people. The results were compiled on

In general, the people who have answered the questions live in Longueil.

Seventy-one point four percent (71.4%) of the people are interested in the Olympics games. This year, the population is proud of the female ice hockey team and disappointed by the male ice hockey team.

Nine people out of twenty-one don’t practice sports. People think that Cindy Klassen is the best athlete. They would eliminate curling and luge sport in the Winter Olympic games. The government should subsidize athletes at seventy-one point four percent (71.6%). Ninety point five percent (90.5%) of the people are happy because the next Olympics will be in Vancouvert, Canada for the 2010 winter games.

I think that many people didn’t answer the questions seriously but I can do several statistics in spite of it..

I have noted that the population follows hockey the most. The athletes who practice this sport are well-known.
Many people have just answered “I don’t know” throughout the survey.

This survey taught me what people think when we talk of Olympics games, more specifically, the winter Olympic games. Today, I know that people like hockey, but I don’t know specifically which athlete is the favorite.
I think that I would change the place where the data was collected. The seriousness of some people wasn’t very good.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006


I live in Delson. It’s a little city with approximatly 7000 occupants. Delson is situated ten minutes from the Mercier Bridge to go to Montreal. If you don’t live in Québec, I should specify that Montréal is in Québec, Canada, about one hour and fifteen minutes from the U.S.A. The name of my city comes from the name of two trains, it’s for this reason that Delson is considered the city of the trains.

Like many other places, we have many parks (six) for children.

Even if my city is little, near my house, there is a grocery, a pharmacy and many useful stores like a dry cleaner, a picture store... We don’t need to go to a neighbouring city for our needs. Delson also has many humanitarian associations to help destitute families. I like living here because it’s clean and not very dangerous for the children. You can walk in the street without any stress. There are many cities like mine, but here, I’m very much at home.